I am writing to give you proof that you are doing a great job. Yesterday, I was helping Camryn, my 9 year old, with her science project, and showed her a map of the world. I was stunned to find that she could not point out where South America or Africa was, let alone Europe or Asia. Kayden, my 5 year old, your student for the last 3 years, was able to do all that, and he also knew that the Middle East was between Europe and Asia, as well as where China was!

Needless to say, I knew that these differences were not because one child was brighter than the other. It had everything to do with the school and the teachers. I am eternally grateful that fate brought Kayden to Curlew, and only wished I had made better decisions with my first born.

Camryn is able to understand that these knowledge differences between herself and her little brother is not her fault. I explained to her the difference between private and public school teachers and how I wished I could afford send her to private school. As such, I will have to add one more subject for tutoring her on my own.

I just wanted you to know that I appreciate how exhausting teaching young children can be. It’s one of those jobs that if you really do a good job, you are exhausted….sort of like parenting. On top of that, you wonder if anybody out there really notices, and does it make any difference between being excellent, and mediocre? I wanted you to know that there are parents out there who do notice, value and recognize the difference. On behalf of the children, I thank you.

Amy Ng