Toddler Program

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Curlew Montessori School’s toddler program offers children between the ages of 18 months to 2.5 years of age, opportunities to explore their independence and connection to the world using their extraordinary capacity for learning. The environment is carefully prepared to help toddlers achieve independence in the areas of both individual and small group activities, eating, care of the environment and care of self activities. The toddler program allows the child to develop relationships with adults and children outside of their immediate family and social circle  and provides opportunities for experiences beyond those typically available in a family home.

The classroom is a peaceful and nurturing space. The teachers observe each child’s stage of development in the following areas:  cognitive development, speech and language development, fine and gross motor skills and social and emotional development.  Through empowerment, natural curiosity, active participation and the joy of learning; Curlew Montessori School’s toddler program will help a child understand and believe in his own capabilities and contribute to a solid foundation for continued learning.

Some highlights of the toddler program:

  • The classroom is a space designed with the needs of the infant in mind and is both comfortable and functional.
  • The teachers’ respect the child’s age and stage of preschool development and prepares a developmentally appropriate environment that calls out to the child and helps with their connection to the world.
  • The toddler community is rich with language, relationships and developmental opportunities. All children feel valued and cherished. The environment helps the child feel a sense of respect that allows for his personality to develop naturally and in an optimal environment.