About Curlew Montessori

Our Vision

Curlew Montessori aims to nurture your child's natural love of learning. We believe that by providing an environment that fosters education, children will develop the many skills that they need to become life - long learners, and responsible, contributing members of society. We celebrate each child's individuality and share Dr Maria Montessori's goal of the development of "a complete human being, oriented to the environment and adapted to his or her time, place and culture".

Our Mission

" To Inspire every child towards a lifetime of learning and discovery".

The Montessori Approach

Dr. Maria Montessori observed that children under six have an extraordinary ability to absorb knowledge from their surroundings and are driven to do so. She called this the "absorbent mind" and recognized that the young child's brain is more capable of learning certain skills during these years that it will be ever be again. In Montessori Education children's innate love of learning and desire to explore are nutured by opportunities to spontaneously choose and engage in meaningful activities.

The Montessori learning materials provide reasons for children to touch, manipulate and learn as their interest and curiousity directs their activity. The Montessori program has a focus on learning practical self help  skills; practise discriminating sizes, shapes, colours; learn phonetic sounds of the alphabet, print begin to write stories and read, count, learn number symbols, explore arithmetic; discover botany, zoology and geography with hands-on materials. All this is done under the guidance on a trained Montessori Directress, who creates a joy of learning. Through their own efforts they develop self discipline and an ability to concentrate.

Montessori education ensures the development of self esteem and provides experience from which children build their knowledge base. They go beyond learning skills to begin cultivating their abilities to express themselves and think clearly. in the Montessori multi-age setting, they learn both from each other and because of each other through their relationships, helping friends and peer-teaching.