Dear Raihana, It was really a great pleasure to be able to work with you at the Curlew Montessori School and teach yoga to the students. The school environment is very bright and welcoming, with well displayed materials, and provides the children with a very happy, nurturing and stimulating environment. The children were happy and relaxed and responded well to instructions, which made working with them rewarding and fun. I found the staff members to be warm and loving and quite attentive to the students' individual needs. I was also very impressed with your administrative skills and the long hours you put in at the school, applying great dedication, research, analysis and organization to the way you prepare and run the school's programs. The children attending the school are very fortunate to have such a sincere and concerned administrator who is looking after their all-round development. Incorporating yoga and other skills that develop concentration, self-discipline and confidence to the school's curriculum adds much to the development of the children's physical, mental and moral nature. Being a yoga practitioner myself, I was particularly happy to have been given the opportunity to share this ancient science with such young children, who enjoyed the fun and benefits of exploring a range of body movements beyond those they normally use in daily life. I thank you again for the opportunity to work with you and teach yoga at the Curlew Montessori School.

Wishing you and the school much success in the coming years.

Sincerely, Edith Recht AMI Montessori Teacher

Edith Recht AMI Montessori Teacher