Dear Raihana, Let me just say how much Sebastian changed during this year spent at your school, even though he spent only half days there: he became fluent in English, his social skills soared, he discovered with his Montessori Teacher, his love for geography, then later for reading and math. Also I thought he does not enjoy singing, until the Mother’s Day festivities, when he did sing all the songs while smiling all the way! And all that during just 2 ½ hours daily spent at your school. People who are familiar with the Montessori philosophy recognize right away that Sebi has been in a Montessori school by his independence, love for nature, practicality, and neatness. We not only liked your school when we first came to visit and discuss with you the program. We actually enjoyed seeing how much effort you and your team had put over just 1 year to add quality to your school and program. I was particularly impressed when Sebi's Teacher started to send out weekly progress notes for each and every child. That alone means so much especially when kids are at an age when they can’t tell more than “fine” when asked “What did you do at school today?”. Sebi told me the other day he misses his friends and Teacher. When we drove by the school he said “Hi my school!”. So, thank you for making a difference in our lives and wishing you the best of success with the school!

Madalina & Octavian Popescu